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More than file sharing...

Any software isn’t complete without file sharing. Dropnshare backs up your devices on the cloud and enables a hassle free file sharing with your colleagues and loved ones. Don’t hesitate sharing your personal photos and files as your data is encrypted and data security is at your fingertips.

One stop share place

All your information in one place. Sounds interesting, isn’t it? From Dropbox to Google Drive, you can access all your data from one single place. Don’t waste time in switching and finding files between different locations. We know how frustrating that is, and yes, we have made that extremely easy for you.

Event Planning, Tasks and Social Pad

With the integration of calendar, contacts, notes, tasks and a social pad, you can organise and plan your events, get togethers without forgetting the agenda. Don’t fret forgetting birthdays, anniversaries and other important events. Make notes of things you want to discuss prior to a meeting or a get together. You will never blame yourself for forgetting something important to share or discuss.

CRM, ERP out of the box

Every business needs a CRM and an ERP. Dropnshare provides a built in CRM and ERP that’s easy to use. With an additional feature of generating all sorts of reports, it’s a must have tool. Easy to setup and operate. Don’t waste time going through different softwares at different places. It’s all on your fingertips.

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